Play the video below to find out more about KLZ.

The rate of change in technology, coupled the challenge of integrating different ICT systems and multiple devices, can be difficult to keep up with. Fortunately we can offer schools a solution.

KLZ is a one stop, private cloud solution for schools, tailored and supported by EiS Kent. With no up-front capital costs, your students and staff can access a range of familiar Microsoft Services, tailored web apps and places to store, access and share essential files, documents and software making it easy for those learning and working in schools to communicate and collaborate with each other.

KLZ includes secure access to email, web conferencing, instant messaging, SharePoint file storage and sharing, learning platform and remote access to essential software such as Capita SIMS, FMS and Microsoft Office Suite.

For a discussion about the specific features, technical aspects and potential benefits of KLZ or to arrange a demonstration, please get in touch.