Cloud Services for Schools

KLZ Virtual Learning & Communication Platform

KLZ is our virtual learning platform, offering a total learning, communication and admin package.

It is tailored to meet the needs of your school and comes with a number of features:

KLZ is designed to grow with your school, it is cost-effective, completely secure and controlled by you.

es2 Website Management

This is our online website builder and content management system.

es2 helps you to build an impressive and comprehensive website without the need for web building expertise.

You can create a unique look for your website and create content specific to your school.

  • Custom menus, news and events sections
  • Galleries, slideshows and FAQ's
  • Secure document control

Federation, Academies, or schools with a nursery can accommodate partners on a single es2 site - each with their own content.

es2 Website Management