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Title: Access to YouTube and My Big Campus Library
Created: 4/9/14   Modified: 4/9/14

Access to YouTube and My Big Campus Library

Over the summer Google implemented changes to YouTube which now force all connections to use HTTPS to access the website.

Subsequently this has broken the My Big Campus Video Library preventing students from playing videos. It will continue to work for users receiving the Staff Lightspeed filtering policies.

Unfortunately, for those schools that permitted students access to YouTube this resource is also broken. However, EiS have implemented a workaround by allowing access to Google’s YouTube for Schools. This is YouTube’s “walled garden” containing thousands of educational videos.

Go to for more information on this service. For access users need to go to instead of as the secure (HTTPS) version will remain blocked.

Please note: Google’s YouTube for Schools does not always work correctly and students may at times gain full access to YouTube’s resources. This issue is outside of EiS’ control and Google are aware of the problem.

There is an alternative workaround available to keep full YouTube accessible for students but this would also allow students access to other Google websites and services which should remain blocked.

For more information about this workaround please contact the Central Services Team.

We will update you when the issues with the My Big Campus Library have been resolved.

If you have any questions or need further advice please contact the EiS Kent Service Desk on:

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