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Technical Support - Known Issues

Here we let you know about any fault or defects in a system or software that has been documented but not yet fixed. Temporary fixes or work around solutions will be communicated in an Information Notice.

Title: Hosting Issue
Created: 9/11/15   Modified: 9/11/15

Hosting Issue

We are aware of an issue with hosted applications affecting some schools. If you try to log into Hosting but could not see the complete logon screen, please follow these steps:

1) On your Internet Explorer, go to the 'Tools' menu. Then 'Compatibility View Settings'.

2) Remove any '' or '' sites in the list. (Highlight it and click the 'Remove' button).

3) Close down your Internet Explorer and re-open a new one and you should be able to see the normal logon screen.

After you log in, there may be pop up boxes asking you if the website is trusted or there is an issue with the security certificate. Please tick the 'Do not ask me again' box and select 'Yes'. You may need to minimize any applications you are running so you can see the pop up box on the desktop.

We are aware of an issue with some users not being able to connect to their drive within the hosted environment. Our IT Operations team are already investigating this problem.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact the EiS Kent Service Desk on:

Tel: 0300 065 8888 | Fax: 01622 663 591 | Email: