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Ref: VPN
Title: Juniper VPN
Created: 27/5/14   Modified: 22/4/16

Juniper VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables users to connect from home, or from a remote location into the school network securely over the Internet via an encrypted SSL tunnel.

With all popular platforms already supported the new Juniper platform also includes support for mobile devices (Android, iOS and Windows); Windows 8.1; RT; newer versions of Mac OS and some Linux distributions (Ubuntu and OpenSUSE) .

Once connected to the VPN using Network Connect, you can access network drives and resources or use Remote Desktop to directly connect to a workstation or server.

In addition we can set up resources on your sites VPN home page for Terminal Servers, File Server Access (including Home Folders) or internal websites (i.e. intranet or CCTV cameras) or a VPN page (i.e. OWA).

We can configure local DNS so you can connect to your server via host name rather than remembering every IP address. The Juniper VPN enables many ways for you to access your resources within school.

We can set you up with VPN accounts that connect via our central ACS (Account Management Service). Alternatively, we can setup a RADIUS or LDAP profile (to authenticate against your local Active Directory).

The following guides are available:

Administration Guide:

Juniper VPN Administration Guide

Radius configuration guides:

Juniper RADIUS Installation & Configuration Guide - Server 2008

Juniper RADIUS Installation and configuration guide - Server 2003 (R1 & R2)

Juniper RADIUS Installation & Configuration Guide - Server 2012 & R2