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Title: CPE Port Assignment (Cisco 2811)
Created: 22/5/12   Modified: 22/5/12

CPE Port Assignment (Cisco 2811)

The Schools Broadband Network provides Cisco 2800 ISR Series routers as CPEs (Client Premises Equipment) for secondary and large primary schools.

The 2800 Series routers are equipped with eleven 10/100 Fast Ethernet interfaces. These interfaces are reserved for specific usage, as described in this notice.

Each establishment is assigned a VLAN for the internal network and a VLAN for a DMZ. Ports have been assigned to these specific VLANS, as well as a port for the uplink to the Schools Broadband Network, and a reserved port for a cluster child should one exist. The diagram below highlights the port assignment.

The link to the School LAN should be connected using a Cat5e or Cat6 crossover cable.

All interfaces on the Cisco 2811 router are configured at 100Mb full-duplex, and therefore any devices connecting to the router should also have their port speed set to 100Mb full-duplex. Failing to do this will degrade the performance of the connection. If it is not possible to configure the port speed of the connecting device, please contact the Service desk to change the port speed to AUTO.