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User Guides are our way of advising schools about any changes they may need to carry out and instructions as to how to make those changes.

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Title: Internal DNS Configuration
Created: 22/5/12   Modified: 22/5/12

Internal DNS Configuration

The Schools Broadband Network utilises a “split DNS” Configuration. This means that dedicated clusters of servers are present for name resolution from within the network, and another cluster of servers for name resolution outside the network.

Establishments within the network are urged to utilise the internal DNS servers for name resolution. This will ensure that when accessing resources inside the network, the internal IP address is returned, instead of the external IP which would be returned by the external DNS servers, and potentially not allow access to the resource.

Internal DNS Servers:

West Kent:
East Kent:


(Both addresses should be specified, with the nearest server specified first)

Where a device exists within the establishment LAN that provides local DNS resolution, clients should be configured to use this device as a DNS server. This device should then be configured to forward requests that it cannot answer (also known as recursion) to the Schools Broadband internal DNS servers.

If a device capable of providing DNS resolution does not exist within the establishments LAN, then the Schools Broadband internal DNS servers should be used by the client PCs.