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Mobile Device Management - Product Overview


Ref: SB - MDM
Title: Mobile Device Management
Created: 6/12/12   Modified: 6/5/16

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Anytime / anywhere access to the Internet, Apps, games and content sharing, mean there are more resources and opportunities than ever for teachers to enhance learning in almost every topic area.

However, schools need to be able to manage these Apple iOS devices so that students can only view and use appropriate content and Apps.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a tool designed just for schools and makes it quick and easy to manage Apple iOS devices throughout your school. Additionally, it can integrate with the Schools Broadband filtering solution so that the mobile devices experience the same level of filtering whether on site, on a bus or at home.

With Mobile Device Management you can….

  • Add new mobile devices in minutes
  • Manage policies and settings from any web browser
  • Make mobile device management easy, keep mobile device use safe, and ensure mobile learning programs are effective
  • Set your own policies with a hierarchical structure that works for your school
  • Give teachers the ability to roll out apps to pupils and monitor pupil use
  • Record mobile devices and their installed software
  • Manage updates and installs from a central location
  • Quickly identify devices that have broken Acceptable Use Policies

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