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Code Course Title Info
C030 Coding & Programming From introducing programming, through to developing a deeper knowledge
C031 Understanding Computers Explore the internal parts of a computer, find out the purpose of the key components and learn to identify these parts
C032 Binary The importance of binary to the digital world and the different ways in which it is used within technology
C033 Makey Makey Coding & Circuit Fun Explore how easy it is to ‘make things happen’ with the Makey Makey
C034 Interactive Displays Learn how to put children’s computing knowledge (from basic block programming upwards) to work
C035 Networks – is it just magic? Learn about networks along with various tools to support the teaching of how networks transmit data
C036 Webpage Creation – HTML & CSS Explore some useful tools for webpage creation, learn about styles on webpages and link webpages together
C037 Creative Use of Animation Explore the variety of ways in which animation and film can be used creatively across the curriculum
C038 Safe, Respectful & Responsible Learn about the importance of privacy and behaviour, including a look into encryption
C039 Creatively Combining Software Look at what it means to creatively select and combine software
C040 Raspberry Pi in the Classroom Provide KS2 teachers with the knowledge, confidence and ideas to help them to incorporate Raspberry Pi mini computers within their teaching
C041 Engaging Robotics Explore how robotics can be incorporated into the curriculum at low-cost
C042 Understanding Search Engine Find out how search engines work, including how to refine searches and how search engines rank data
C043 Exploring the BBC micro:bit Explore the features of the BBC micro:bit using programming environments which are available for this versatile mini programmable computer

Last updated: 26/04/2016