SIMS Courses

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Code Course Title Info
E032 Office Manager - Getting started in your new role READ
E049 SIMS Secondary Exams Organiser for New Users READ
E050 Exams Results and Analysis - Secondary READ
E182 Options READ
E192 Attendance - Primary READ
E251 Assessment Manager - Secondary READ
E255 Assessment Manager - Primary READ
E256 SIMS .net Core - Managing Student Records READ
E257 SIMS .net Reporting - Advanced Techniques READ
E282 Profiles Primary - Student Reporting to Parents READ
E283 SIMS Profiles Secondary - Student Reporting to Parents READ
E284 Attendance using Lesson Monitor READ
E287 Maintaining Staff Records in Personnel READ
E288 SIMS .net Reporting - The Basics READ
E290 Maintaining Your Timetable READ
E295 Performance Analysis - Secondary READ
E297 Behaviour Management - Primary READ
E309 Managing Teaching Groups in Secondary Schools READ
E312 Cover .net READ
E344 Course Managment and Post-16 Learning Aims READ
E345 Optimising SIMS in the School Office READ
E347 Dinner Money READ
E357 Performance Analysis - Primary READ
E363 Managing Teaching Groups in Primary Schools READ
E365 SIMS in the Classroom - Secondary READ
E366 SIMS in the Classroom - Primary READ
E382 Attendance Monitoring READ
E411 SIMS Discover Getting Started READ
E430 SEN Reporting READ
E440 Discover Assessment User - Secondary READ
E445 Writing a Timetable in Nova T6 READ
E447 Discover Assessment User - Primary READ
E450 Early Years Tracking and SIMS READ
E452 Reporting and Analysis with Excel READ
E463 Staff Performance Suite READ
E464 Assessing Without Levels READ
E465 Staff Records in Personnel - Refresher READ
S275 End of Year Procedures - Pastoral Processes and Census Preparation READ
S276 End of Year Procedures - Academic and Curriculum Processes READ
S316 Primary SIMS User Forum READ
S317 Secondary SIMS User Forum READ
S371 Post-16 Learning Aims in the School Census READ
S377 Autumn Changes to Course Manager and Running a Post-16 Census READ
S382 Exams Basedata Re-organisation READ
S338 School Workforce Census - Primary READ
S339 School Workforce Census - Secondary READ

Last updated: 03/06/2016